Email is bringing out the "Old Man deLange" in me.


We now have the ability to


send and receive messages with just a click, whereas a letter could take up to two weeks to be delivered. Awesome! Great! Cool!  ( Ummmm not so much ) My pet peeve with Emails seems to escalate as I get older. I believe I'm developing Email rage

Here is my list for Emailers:  Yep, I'm going to speak up!

“Ehog”- (not gender specific) One who sends useless Emails frequently.

“Spitch” - is where PR executives use Email as a means to distribute irrelevant press releases and pitches to media (welcome to my world )
Spam + Pitch = Spitch

“Spamstard” - A term used to describe or call a male who is constantly spamming you with useless email

“Grammy Spammed” - Receiving multiple forwarded Emails containing useless, sappy, moronic, or otherwise unwanted information about love, from an elderly female.

“E Teddy Bomber” – An Emailer that only appears once a month and Bombards your inbox with useless crap ((Bam))

“E hooker” – someone that spends countless hours online waiting for a victim.

Ehooker- hey wutchu doing?
Me- checking my countless Emails

(5 minutes later)

Ehooker- hey wutchu doing?
Me- making website designs

(5 minutes later)

Ehooker- hey wutchu doing?
Me – ready to slice my wrists with my mouse pad!  GO AWAY!

“E timesucker” – Someone that forwards Youtube videos and you wind up spending hours in a vortex of videos

We all have at least one of these Emailers in your life, the big question, Are you one of them? .....uhhhhh ya, think twice before you hit send.  jus sayin

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