Because of a lawsuit, the dams along the Snake River are required to let more water through. The plaintiffs say it helps the salmon endangered by the dams. And apparently the health of the Puget Sound killer whales is also tied to the number of Snake River salmon.

When the water is "spilled" over the dam electricity cannot be generated. Thus decreased supply may raise prices for that electricity. It's isn't for sure yet, but experts are predicting it for this summer.
The sad thing is some salmon experts say the spillage doesn't help them because it puts too much oxygen in the water and causes unpredictable underwater currents.

I think the theory is the spillage cools the water, which is certainly essential for the health of the salmon.

So cross your fingers it works, because it's happening whether we like it or not. And hopefully the rate hike won't be too bad.

Chinook Salmon Leaps Through White Water May 17 2001 In The Rapid River In Idaho As It
Getty , Bill Schaefer

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