If you have $1.9 million to burn on a new ride, think anything in the world record breaking speed hyper-fleet of Jerod Shelby's SSC North America, you probably aren't too concerned about about speeding tickets or insurance premiums, no, actually going 331.16 mph is your top priority.

James Lipman

Catch video of that record breaking Tuatara run in the Nevada desert here.

Most peeps' pockets aren't quite that deep, so Insurify crunched the numbers of vehicle models and what percentage of their owners/drivers have at least one speeding ticket on their record.

There are definitely some interesting results and you absolutely KNOW you've seen some of these buggers darting in-and-out of traffic, and making a lot of unnecessary noise in the process, around the Columbia Basin highways and byways.

Overall, just about 11% of Americans have gotten a speeding ticket in the last two years, and here are the top cars for people who speed:


Number one is the Subaru WRX, with just over 20% of that model's owners being cited for speeding. In second place was the Volkswagen GTI with 17% and the Subaru Impreza was third with 16%. The Infinity G37 was just under 16% for fourth and believe it or not, the Dodge Dart was fifth with just over 15%.

The rest of the top ten are the Hyundai Veloster, Dodge Challenger, Dodge RAM 2500, Dodge Charger and the Nissan 350Z.

Between 2019 and 2020, most of the car models that made the top ten list for speeding violations remained the same. Seven out of ten car models on this year’s list were also in last year’s top ten.

And what is the Dodge deal? Four out of the top ten? I had no idea.