Some towns and cities in Washington might deserve their bad reputations but those living in those towns always seem to defend the home turf. 

Is Yakima Really A Bad Place To Live?

Many years ago I worked in Yakima and after we moved, my wife made the comment that she was glad to be done with Yakima. I asked her why because I thought Yakima was a fine place to live.

She responded that Yakima has a shooting and stabbing once a day. I never noticed that but once I looked up the crime stats, I discovered that Yakima has 3x the crime than the national average on towns of the same size. I was flabbergasted!

It never occurred to me but it did get me thinking...

Does Yakima really deserve to be picked on and for that matter, what about the rest of the towns on our list?

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There you have it!

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You've seen our list. Do these Washington towns deserve to get picked on or do they really deserve their "bad reputations"?

Let us know about it on our app chat feature on the app and feel free to add a town to our list!

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