The woman who saluted the crew waited some time before letting the city know, but it's a remarkable gesture.

The City of Walla Walla reported they got a letter this week from a woman, who said city garbage crews went above and beyond to help her find a set of keys.

Last spring, the woman said her only set of keys to her car, home and gates were on a ring which was accidentally dropped into her trash, and then went into the city pickup truck.

After realizing what had happened, the woman was able to flag down the truck as it was heading down the street, about the keys.  Word was relayed to the Sudbury Landfill, which handles the city waste and garbage.

Crews were able to locate the likely truck that served her neighborhood, and she came down to the site. When the trash was dumped, she was able to recognize some of the items she had thrown away.  Several crew members raked through hundreds of pounds of trash until the key ring was found--intact.  She said in her letter it was the highlight of her 2019, and she thanked them for their efforts.

The crew who helped her find the keys are pictured here, courtesy City of Walla Walla Facebook.

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