Easy Dieting Tips

 As we get older dieting becomes a necessity, yes it’s true the older we get the bigger we get. I went to a nutrition class that helped me out tremendously. Here is a few tips’ that will hopefully help you.

#1 Sugar is Kryptonite to the body…The body is not meant to process the amount of sugar we consume. Don’t do it!

 #2 We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. IT’S TRUE! Your last meal of the day should be the smallest not the Biggest.

 #3 The only thing you should consume after 7p is WATER

 #4 Most of all,  MOVE!  somehow, someway get movin!

 #5 Green is good,  eat it!

Re-cap: Move, no sugar, eat during the day, green is good! Do this three times a week and you will definately see an improvement . The problem with today's diets are they get too complicated, KISS (keep it simple stupid)