Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones reported Friday that among the many drugs seized by Deputies and agents from multiple law enforcement groups were significant amounts of Fentanyl.

Fentanyl produces morphine-like reactions, but is 80-100 times more powerful. That's why it's often 'misused' and causes a lot of overdose deaths. Jones and other officials say Fentanyl was among the drugs found on many of the dealers at the Paradiso EDM festival this last weekend at the Gorge at George.

It was enough that it's raised concerns about such trafficking in Eastern Washington.  Officials say most of the drug comes in through Mexico, especially the illegally-produced product.

38 of what officials say were 'real' drug dealers were busted at the festival, these were not simply people in possession, but high level dealers.

More and more complaints are being taken about the behavior of concert-goers at various music events there, especially about alcohol or drug-fueled behavior. On the Grant County Sheriff's Facebook page, one resident left this comment this week:

"I lived in a house in Vantage, concert goes did the following, urinated and deficated in my yard, had sex in the ditch across the street, used the owners big tractor to try to knock over the town's water tower broke windows on cars and the gas station,"

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