It’s a fact, Washington State is #1 when it comes to UFO sightings. No other state comes close. And, the area between Yakima and Ellensburg has had and currently gets its fair share of UFO reports. Many believe it is from a top-secret military base hidden in Kittitas County near Manastash Ridge.


Over the years there have been some strange stories reported. One of which is the legend of Mel’s Hole, a bottomless pit reportedly discovered in 1997 by a man named, Mel Waters. He claimed the hole was on his property - located about 9 miles west of Ellensburg. According to the story, Mel Waters (who was never identified) attempted to measure the depth of the hole using a fishing pole and reported that after releasing 80,000 feet of line wasn't able to reach the bottom.

Urban Legend says Mel's Hole had ‘magical properties’ and  brought a dog back to life

Mel Waters recalled an instance of how his neighbor’s dog died and was thrown into the hole - dead as can be. Days later Mel reported seeing the dog alive roaming the area. According to Mel, something magical had happened. After sharing his story on the popular national radio show Coast to Coast, Federal Agents seized Mel’s hole and the land around it and then relocated him outside of the United States. The exact location of the alleged hole is unknown.

Others claim the mysterious hole is real and have seen it many times.

In 2012, a resident in the area, Gerald Osborne, told a group of reporters that since 1961, he had visited the hole many times. But later on, an expedition, which he organized and led, wasn’t able to find it. He claims the US Government likely disguised it or filled it in. And, he believes there is a top-secret military base similar to Area 51 near Manastash Ridge with alien activity and UFOs.

No proof has ever been presented that the hole actually exists or existed but it hasn’t been disproved either.

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