A daring Idaho bridge rescue along Interstate 84 will blow your mind. The photo shows a truck dangling from the Malad Gorge Bridge with two occupants inside along with two dogs clinging to life high above Interstate 84.

Talk about an amazing rescue and so happy that everyone got out safely but talk about luck.

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A press release from the Idaho State Police Public Affairs Office describes the harrowing escape and rescue:

Idaho State Troopers responded to a vehicle crash that turned into a heroic rescue after a pickup truck went off a bridge over the deep canyon of the Malad Gorge.

Here is what the press release said about the incident and rescue:

When the first Trooper arrived on the scene, the pickup had gone over the edge of the bridge and was held only by a safety chain connected to a camp trailer. Eventually, the couple inside the truck would be rescued thanks to a team effort of Magic Valley first responders, including a rappel team from the Magic Valley Paramedics Special Operations Rescue Team.

What Happened: An Idaho State Police Trooper drove onto the scene of a single-vehicle crash on eastbound Interstate 84 at milepost 146. The incident had just happened and the trooper arrived as dispatchers were calling emergency units to the scene.

According to witnesses, the driver of the pickup, a 2004 F-350 pulling an approximately 30-foot camp trailer, lost control. The truck and camper swerved hitting the right shoulder barrier, then went left until the truck was sliding on the left side guardrail. The truck then tipped over the bridge, with the camper blocking both eastbound lanes. Only the safety chain attached between the truck and the camper kept the truck from falling. The Malad Gorge is approximately 80 to 100 feet below the bridge.

The Trooper was able to call the two people inside the vehicle, who responded and said they were alert and not seriously injured. Soon after, a Gooding County Sheriff's Deputy arrived on the scene and the Trooper and Deputy were able to get an additional set of chains from a semi-truck driver, attach them to the dangling pick up, and provide additional strength to hold the pickup until rescue crews could arrive.

Soon a full team of emergency responders arrived on the scene including a team of specially trained rope rescue paramedics, the Magic Valley Paramedics SORT, or Special Operations Rescue Team. SORT members were transported quickly to the incident by Air St Luke's Magic Valley. Once on scene, the SORT members were able to rappel down to the dangling pickup truck and attached a harness to each victim allowing rescuers to raise each to safety.

The two occupants of the pickup, a man and woman, were wearing seat belts which also helped hold them securely in the vehicle until rescuers arrived.

The driver of the pickup was a 67-year-old man from Garden City, Idaho. The passenger was a 64-year-old woman, also from Garden City. Both were transported to a Magic Valley hospital with what appeared to be non-life-threatening injuries.

Two small dogs were also in the pickup. Rescuers were able to get the dogs to safety as well. An ISP Trooper transported the dogs safely to the home of a family member in the Magic Valley.

What a scary situation, I'm still blown away that luckily that safety chain held that truck from crashing into the Gorge below.

It must've been incredibly scary for the occupants but hats off to an amazing rescue team that was able to get the driver, his wife, and the two dogs to safety.

You can read more details about the brave rescue here.

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