Not a lot of details have been released yet, but the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is said to be responding to a report of a tugboat sinking in the Columbia River.

On their Twitter account Monday afternoon, around 1PM, they posted the following message:

"...responding to reports of a 38’ tug boat sinking in Columbia River ~10 miles upriver of McNary Dam near Umatilla. Tug reportedly has 750 gallons of diesel on board. Divers and environmental contractors on scene but are limited by high waves."

EPA Northwest is also said to be at the scene. No other details have been released. Don't know how far tugboat is out in the river, how many crew are on board, or if efforts will be able to keep it afloat.

Department of Environmental Quality and EPA officials hoping to keep that diesel fuel from spilling into the river.

We will pass along whatever else becomes available.


  Sources say the tug has actually sunk, it was tied up near the shoreline Friday. Probably the Oregon shoreline as it's Oregon agencies responding. Officials say it was tied up Friday, but gone Monday, it likely went under Sunday. Reports say a crane from Vancouver will be coming to pull it off the bottom on Wednesday.

    The tug apparently broke free from it's moorings, drifted about a mile up the river before sinking.

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