NOTE: This video contains NSFW language.

I'm not advocating anything here. But have you ever had a fantasy about exacting out revenge on a small slight?

Have you ever been so mad that you COULDN'T do something crazy in a petty response of fury?

If that's you, watch this cathartic video of a woman absolutely SNAPPING at some Seattle snowballers. They threw a snowball her way and she absolutely tried to flatten them.

She was doing what we were all thinking, but it was a horrible idea.

She was later arrested for reckless driving and DUI. NEVER EVER EVER DO WHAT SHE DID. The consequences are pretty major. The crazy thing to me is, she was under the influence of marijuana. This kind of violent lashing out isn't usually stereotypical of marijuana consumption, I heard? Chill out and stay home next time!

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