We've often thought if some of these perps would apply their effort and cleverness towards a job, they'd be pretty well off.

 We recently told you about the overnight attempt to steal a coin dispensing machine from the Snods Washington Carwash in Kennewick. A suspect was chased and apprehended after attempting to steal the coin box.

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Now Pasco has joined the fray.

For a while, it was a rash of catalytic converter thefts in our region, now in the last few weeks, perhaps months, people have been trying to steal the coin dispensers from unattended car washes.

This case is from Pasco, and Police say the suspect appears to be the same person whose been using power tools in an attempt to steal the coin dispensing box. We told you in our earlier story that the average dispenser usually only holds a maximum load of about $250 worth of quarters. Even with many of them gone, and paper money from customers inside, it still averages out the same.


This guy was captured on a surveillance video trying to use power tools to remove the box. Pasco Police didn't specify where and when this incident took place, but apparently, he's a repeat offender. Some of these thieves are using saws all tools, power drills, and screwdrivers, even what police called a gas cut-off saw with jagged blade.

Police caution if you see this activity, don't give chase in a civilian car, but get as much information as possible, especially the vehicle make and model and license plate. This information, combined with excellent images like these will result in far more apprehensions, say police.

If you know who this suspect is or have any information, call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

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