There are many beauty pageants in the world, but none as important as the Bacon Queen Pageant. What I would love to see is a local girl become queen of the bacon, and we all can help.

Just upload a fun Bacon Queen-Worthy photo, and answer a few questions. Once your photo is posted, that's when all the KORD listeners will go to the the Bacon Queen website and vote for you; easy as pie.

Before you can say bacon-and-eggs, you could be on your way to the pageant Feb. 16. Come on gals, who wouldn't want to ride on the Bacon Fest float, or receive the $75 Johnny's Hall of Fame gift card?

I will admit, it's not as glamorous as Miss America, or even Miss Tri-Cities, but you get a sash and a tiara that you get to keep. The stories you could tell your grandkids! Please, don't make me photo shop a picture of Greg again, he's one ugly chick.

It is now up to you, young women of the Mid-Columbia, stand up and be counted! Let's make Bacon proud. GO TEAM!

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