The City of Pasco has filed a lawsuit against the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter alleging that their directors took money that wasn't earmarked for them.

In an article from our news partner KNDU, the City of Pasco has filed a lawsuit against Neo Nation's Animal Foundation, the non-profit, that operates the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter.

The suit alleges that directors of the foundation took bonuses of $5,000 to $10,000 of money that was bequeathed to the shelter to be used for helping the animals of the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter.

The money in question is $500,000 that was left by Thomas Ashby to the shelter for the animals. The executor of the will says the money wasn't spent as Ashby had requested in his will.

If the directors are charged with a crime, it could be felony theft of the first degree.

The suit filed in Franklin County says the directors of the foundation didn't use the money as the will stipulated according to the executor of the Ashby will.

The Pasco Police Department is investigating and attorneys for the Neo Nation's Animal Foundation haven't issued any comments at this time.

You can read more about the lawsuit here.

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