Some years ago, when I was working for a radio station in Detroit, we did a stunt during the big bullriding event there. All week on the air, I was bragging about how I could easily ride a bull and that it was no big deal. This was the set-up to the stunt, because I would NEVER really ride a bull...I'll leave that to the much tougher real cowboys! So the night of the event, I was center ring and introduced by the rodeo announcer. I was wearing a bright yellow shirt. An unusually bright yellow shirt, so it would stand out. Then came time for my bragging to be backed up by actually riding a bull. I climbed the gate and cowboys helped me onto the massive, 2000 lb. beast. It was exhilarating!

Now for the stunt...Just as I was ready to shake my head and yell, "LET'S GO BOYS", the lights went out in the entire arena. Total darkness (this was planned). That was my cue to quickly get off the bull and then the cowboys furiously strapped on a hay-filled dummy, dressed in the same bright yellow shirt to the bull. The bull was released just as the lights turned back on and it took off bucking, shredding the dummy dressed like me. Mild shock overtook the crowd but in a split second, they could see that they had been had. We all laughed and I managed to remain in one piece.

Much tougher bullriders from the Pacific Northwest and around the country will be competing in Hermiston for real this Saturday for the Challenge of Champions event. This is a 'bring the whole family' event that will also feature junior bullriders who will be performing in front of their heroes.

30 bulls in total will be bucking, followed by a top 6 short round, with 7 different contractors bringing in their best bulls. The gates at the Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center will open at 5:30 p.m. this Saturday (6/19) and the show starts at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are available at Ranch & Home in Hermiston, Bonnie's Tractor & Ag, and Northwest Farm Supply also in Hermiston. To get tickets online, click HERE.



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