Can You Recycle Pizza Boxes In The State Of Washington?

I'm not sure about your household but we've got a teenage boy that loves pizza.

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Some Parts Of Your Pizza Box Are Already Recyclable If You Didn't Know

I usually find stacks and stacks of pizza boxes lying around his room and on the kitchen table as if a tornado ripped through the house.

I normally will toss the boxes but my wife is a lot more environmentally conscious than I am and will recycle when she can.

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It got me thinking if you can recycle your pizza boxes in the State of Washington.

Fresh pizza in boxes. On a wooden background.

Here's How You Can Recycle Your Pizza Box In The State Of Washington

We like you, have the blue recyclable plastic box that sits outside our house and I thought it was time to get rid of the old pizza boxes once and for all.

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It is possible to recycle pizza boxes? Some say no and some say yes. There are several websites devoted to the question and I compiled a few pointers from those sites.

Here Are A Few Pointers On Recycling Your Old Pizza Boxes.

There are the clean parts of the box. You can rip those apart from the box and easily recycle those components of the box.

If you have a cheesy and greasy box that can't be cleaned, that box wouldn't be recyclable.

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The good news is that if the box is squeaky clean, that's a no-brainer and can be tossed with no issues.

It's up to you in the State of Washington to decide the condition of your pizza box and what can be logically recycled.

If it's beyond hope, toss the box but if it's clean enough, toss it in the recycle bin.

You can read more tips on recycling pizza boxes here and here. 

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