Is it possible for a family to thrive in Spokane on $70,000 a year?

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Yes. It can be done. According to a thread on Reddit, you'd be surprised at what can be accomplished on $70,000 a year. I originally said, "No, it cannot be done." In fact, I've turned down a position believing that I could not realistically live within my means in Spokane on this amount. Never mind. It's just me. You'd be surprised at what people had to say on Reddit.

The original post is as follows:

I recently got a job offer at Amazon to work in Spokane ,WA and was wondering if 70k is enough to live on my own up there? I'm currently single and no kids. I'm mainly looking for a 1 Bedroom apartment if i were to take the job. I know Washington State is expensive but from what I heard living in eastern Washington is slightly cheaper than living in western Washington.


Check out the post and responses. I'd love to read your thoughts on this.

Is 70k Enough to live in Spokane?
byu/CraftyUmpire inSpokane

Feel free to respond on our app, below. Can you make a decent living in Spokane on $70,000? Some say yes. Some say no. I feel I could make it work. What about you?

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Can it be done? I spoke with my friend Jon, a banking representative, about this situation. He said a family of 3 could make it work,

Maybe I'll get that dream job in Spokane. Good luck on finding your dream job in Spokane. When you get there, check out the following.

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