I have heard about the Elk feeding station literally for years and it wasn't until a week ago I finally took the time to see what the hype was all about. I had envisioned what it would be like in my head, but what I imagined compared to what I actually saw were two complete visions! I had expected twenty or twenty five hungry Elk to make their way down the mountain but what I saw was astonishing!

I took my four year old granddaughter and my mother with me for this experience, but I think I was the most impressed by these massive creatures and their invasive herd.

The station is located just off Highway 12 in Naches. We arrived late morning on a Sunday and just as I expected, there were about twenty Elk lingering and laying around. We looked on in awe as these massive beasts went about their morning like they didn't have a care in the world. Little did I know, these guys were just early for the lunch buffet and the wild cafeteria was about to come alive!

We were told by one of the stations workers that they would be feeding them at 1:30 and if we wanted to come back it would be worth it. So we went into town to kill some time and we got back just at the perfect moment. When we arrived back, the feeding trucks, loaded with hay were just pulling into the field. That is when my breath was ripped from my lungs. I don't know if the Elk saw the trucks or recognized the sound of the engines, but just as these trucks idled slowly into sight, here came the stampede!

Hundreds and HUNDREDS of Elk started to cascade from the hills, pouring down like a landslide. Lunch was served and it was a race to the best seat at the table. All sizes rallied for a good position. The older, more established Elk definitely were in charge and got first dibs at the many different piles of hay that had been dropped. The hills were alive with mother nature releasing her creations to be nourished. It was breathtaking and awe-inspiring to watch.

This is definitely something I recommend you put on your bucket list! Absolute beauty at its best! If you would like to visit or get more information click HERE. I hope you all get the chance to experience these beautiful creatures and enjoy it as much as I did!


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