Two of the leading causes of accidents occupied Kennewick Police on Sunday

Early-morning crash at another roundabout due to booze

An unnamed Pasco man had difficulty with the roundabout at 4th and Union early Sunday morning. Around 2:19 AM the man was driving west on 4th when he took out multiple street signs before becoming high-centered on one of the large basalt boulders in the roundabout. We drove through this area Sunday night and saw a pile of street signs in the center.

The man, whose name was not released, was cited for DUI. But at least the people on the northwest corner of 4th and Union didn't have their brick fence destroyed again!

Driver looks down at cellphone then slams another vehicle hard

This driver will be facing a Distracted Driving citation ($132) at least for this crash later in the day.  The man was driving into the intersection of West Kennewick Ave. and South Olympia St. when he slammed into the vehicle in front of him.

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This caused a ping-pong effect that collected a total of four vehicles. No one was seriously hurt but one person was taken to an area hospital for observation.

The male driver, whose name was not released, admitted he'd been looking at his phone as he drove south on Olympia.

Now he's facing driving on suspended, digital distraction, driving without insurance and following too closely charges.

Yet another reminder of why we don't drink and drive, and don't stare at the phone while your motoring along!

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