Gwen Stefani appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show on Wednesday (April 6), where she talked about new married life with husband Blake Shelton, her new makeup line and more.

The pop star also answered some "Burning Questions" from the host, which led to her revealing the nicknames she and Shelton have for each other. 

While sitting in white chairs in front of a graphic of moving flames, DeGeneres and Stefani took to the humorous, high-stakes game. Stefani turned in her chair and hit the buzzer when she answered a question (à la The Voice), and when asked what nicknames she and Shelton have for one another, she gave a sweet answer. 

“Blakey and pretty girl," she gushed, as the audience let out a collective, "aww."

"I didn’t make that up; he made it up. He calls me pretty girl!" she adds.

DeGeneres had a joke to fire back in response, saying, "It sounds almost like a bird. ‘Pretty girl! Pretty girl!'"

Stefani says they "all" call Shelton "Blakey," probably meaning her three sons from her previous marriage.

During the segment, Stefani was also asked to do an impression of another musician, and she opted to imitate Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. The singer also revealed that she auditioned for Angelina Jolie’s role alongside in Brad Pitt in the 2005 film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Jolie and Pitt started dating after meeting on the set of the movie, which prompted DeGeneres to comment, "That could have gone a whole different way."

"That could’ve been a different story," Stefani says with a laugh. 

Stefani is currently "obsessed" with her new makeup brand, GXVE Beauty, which is pronounced “Give Beauty." “It’s my passion project,” she says. “This is my give-back. I prayed about this. This is my next chapter. You’re gonna see this is bigger than makeup."

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