A GoFundMe account has been set up for a Kennewick woman who lost her life in a tragic car crash.

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The Tri-Cities mom of 4 teens, 38-year old Tressica Garza, and her boyfriend 45-year old Wayne Judd were driving east on Gage Boulevard Sunday night in Kennewick when a vehicle ran a red light and smashed into them. It happened at the intersection of Steptoe Street and Gage Boulevard.

Police say both were killed instantly in the crash.

The driver of the other vehicle, 28-year old Mariana Souza told Police that she was coming home from a bar in Richland.

Garza's cousin, Natausha Burris created the GoFundMe account to help with funeral costs.

Tressica Garza graduated from Finley's River View High School.

They're hoping to raise enough to lay Tressica to rest and to have a celebration of her life.


Garza's passenger was her boyfriend, Wayne Patrick Judd.

Judd leaves behind 4 daughters and 3 grandchildren.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by Treanna Judd to help with funeral expenses.

The family is underprepared and overwhelmed and welcomes your help.

Kennewick Police are continuing their investigation.

If anyone saw the crash, you're asked to contact Kennewick Police at 509-628-0333.

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