Deputies save man from Fentanyl overdose (BCSO)
Deputies save man from Fentanyl overdose (BCSO)









Nothing funny about a drug overdose, but it's ironic that growing numbers of users who are arrested by Law Enforcement in our area are asking for their stash back.

Benton County Deputies save man's life in Benton City

Wednesday night, Benton County Deputies administered on-scene initial treatment to stabilize a man who had suffered a Fentanyl overdose. He was then treated by medics and transported to an area hospital. No other details about the man or location were released.

Fentanyl is part of the growing narcotic problem not just here, but nationally.  It's a synthetic, or man-made narcotic that is 50 times more powerful than heroin, and ONE HUNDRED times stronger than morphine.

   More and more addicts are smoking it lately

Benton County Deputies and other LE agencies warn people that this drug can kill you very quickly because of its strength, and dealers are not especially honest about how powerful the 'cut' or strength of the pills are.

  If you find burned tin foil don't touch it

Unless it came from your own barbeque, if you happen across any pieces of burned tin foil, like the one pictured here. don't touch it. Authorities say the foil can have powerful residue and traces of drugs on it that can affect you. Addicts build up tolerances to these drugs and usually can stand much more than the average person.


Tin foil used for smoking narcotics (BCSO)
Tin foil used for smoking narcotics (BCSO)
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More and more addicts are smoking the drugs than ingesting them.

 And finally, stop asking for your drugs back

The Benton County Sheriff's Department actually included this in a social media release:

"Addicts, please stop asking us for your drugs back. They are still illegal."


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