Friendship Kitchen in Benton City is dedicated to helping those in need this holiday season. The group is made up of volunteers giving their time and resources to help people. Due to Covid-19, the operation has moved to the front of founder Ida Boyd's residence.

Courtesy of Friendship Kitchen Facebook
Courtesy of Friendship Kitchen Facebook

Currently, the group is concentrating on assembling Holiday Blessing Boxes for families in need for the upcoming Christmas season. In particular, there is a great need for blankets and space heaters, due to the colder temperatures. Gift cards are also in demand. The sign up to receive or donate is by December 12th.

Blessing Boxes

Friendship Kitchen came together after Boyd, her daughter, and a group of friends hosted a community barbecue in the summer of 2018. A man had grandchildren visiting and he couldn't feed them. They sent him home with plates of food for the kids. It was then, that Boyd and her friends realized that they could help and wanted to do more for their community.

And so, the Friendship Kitchen was formed. Boyd said, "If I can't help someone, I know others I can put them in contact with to help with their particular needs. Some people need gas money to get to a job interview and clothes for that. Friendship Kitchen is here for everyone from West Richland to Prosser to Finley. No one is turned away."

Donations are ALWAYS accepted. Shelf-stable foods such as macaroni & cheese, canned goods, and easily prepared foods like oatmeal and ramen are very much needed. If you'd like to donate, below are some ideas for what they're looking for.

Items Needed for Friendship Kitchen

You can drop off donations at 417 3rd Street in Benton City. Friendship Kitchen re-stocks as often as they can. And if you or someone you know is in need of a box, stop by, or call 509-366-1133. Check out the Friendship Kitchen Facebook page here.

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