It's coming this Thursday and it's YUMMY! Dairy Queen once again is sponsoring Miracle Treat Day on August 2nd.

It's easy to participate in Miracle Treat Day and it'll make you feel better with your donation to the Children's Miracle Network. All you have to do is purchase a Blizzard on Thursday and a $1 will be donated from each Blizzard sale to the Children's Miracle Network.

Your donation hospital is the Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital in Yakima. Your donation also supports Children’s Village, which serves children with special health care needs, and helps support the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Unit at Virginia Mason Memorial hospital.

Stop in at the following locations in the Tri-Cities to get your blizzard on Thursday and eat up!

Grandview Dairy Queen, 403 W. Main St.

Richland Dairy Queen, 1313 Jadwin Ave.

Richland Dairy Queen, 91 Gage Blvd.

Richland Dairy Queen, 3250 Duportail St.

Pasco Dairy Queen, 6715 Burden Blvd.

Kennewick Dairy Queen, 2815 W. 2nd Ave.

Walla Walla Dairy Queen, 1474 Plaza Way

Hermiston Dairy Queen, 1140 N. 1st St.

Pendleton Dairy Queen, 46440 Kusi Rd.

Pendleton Dairy Queen, 1415 SW. Court St.

Milton Freewater Dairy Queen, 165 S. Columbia St

You can get more details on Miracle Treat Day here

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