So as often as I can I steal away a little time from my everyday work and get a little Grandma time. As I have told you before Grandma is at Avalon Healthcare in Pasco. Which by the way they are taking excellent care of her.

So in her 96 years (almost 97) she has some amazing stories. This time as we sat down and visited she reminisced about her dad. Samuel Dayton Garlinghouse. Samuel as she remembers was a lawman for the Baker County Sherrifs Department in Eastern Oregon. Samuel spent the better part of his time busting up stills as the hills back then were full of moonshiners. After all it was the days of prohibition. She said that they moved to Portland Oregon in 1928 as the economy was drying up in eastern Oregon due to the oncoming depression. Samuel applied to the Portland Police Department but he had one problem and the police department would not hire him. Samuel was blind in his right eye. Grandma couldn't remember what caused the blindness but she said that life got very tough for them as the depression got under way. There was no steady work and everybody had to pitch in. Samuel eventually found work in the Meier & Frank Department Store that his wife Ada worked in as a buyer but it was not until the election of Franklin D Roosevelt in 1932 that things started to turn the corner for the Garlinghouse family. And boy did they ever. That is another story for another time. Thanks for letting me share my Grandma Diaries.