Hard to believe! But I had to go buy some new jeans again today! I absolutely love how I feel and I am here to share this experience this joy with you in hopes that I will reach just one person that has tried to lose weight. I am doing it and you can too!

I started the Ideal Protein weight loss program on October 17th. So here is it 16 weeks later! I weighed in this morning with Bonnie at Arbor Health Care For Women and I am officially down 75 lbs!

When I started this thing my jeans were a size 54. I went and bought a new pair of jeans to get me by and they are a size 48!

I have a Facebook page up if you want to follow along with what I am doing. CLICK HERE

There are 80 people now on the Ideal Protien Program at Arbor Healthcare For Women. To see the program and get more information CLICK HERE

Thanks everyone for your support and your compliments! They make me feel so good and I feel that I am really accomplishing something in my life! I am blessed and I hope that if you want to lose weight that you will check this program out! It's Working! See you next week!