Recently the Pasco police posted about a dog that fell out of the back of a truck while traveling over the bridge...fortunately the dog was ok!

pasco police


Is this legal? can someone drive around with a dog in the back of a truck?

RCW 16.52.080

Transporting or confining in unsafe manner—Penalty.

Any person who willfully transports or confines or causes to be transported or confined any domestic animal or animals in a manner, posture or confinement that will jeopardize the safety of the animal or the public shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. And whenever any such person shall be taken into custody or be subject to arrest pursuant to a valid warrant therefor by any officer or authorized person, such officer or person may take charge of the animal or animals; and any necessary expense thereof shall be a lien thereon to be paid before the animal or animals may be recovered; and if the expense is not paid, it may be recovered from the owner of the animal or the person guilty.

The law doesn't allow for simply being attached with a leash and collar. They need to be secured in a way that would prevent injury and not allow them to make it outside of the vehicle.