Rascal Rodeo is a well known non-profit organization that hosts rodeo events for anyone with special needs in the Tri-Cities area and across the Pacific Northwest.

Because of the pandemic they have been forced to cancel events and their Cowboys and Cowgirls are lefty feeling down. Ann-Erica Whitemarsh, who is the Executive Director of Rascal Rodeo has come up with a fun idea to lift their spirits and she needs your help.

She has created a Facebook group page where you can "adopt a Cowboy or Cowgirl." With your help she can make all the rodeo participants feel special and give them some much needed interaction. Not only will it be good for her Cow-Kin, it might just brighten your day too and create a lifelong new friendship.

If you would like to adopt a Cowboy or Cowgirl you can go to Adopt a Rascal Rodeo Cowboy or Cowgirl, or for full details you can click the button below. Thank you to    Ann-Erica for everything you always do and for going above and beyond, once again, to lift spirits in this time of uncertainty.

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