I loved playing with Barbies as a kid. I still collect really cool ones. And if you're a Barbie fan, these new dolls will have you jumping for joy. Barbie announced a line of "Sheroes," a tribute to famous female roll models. They honor artists, scientists, dancers, athletes and more. Some of the ladies you have heard of, and some you have not.

All in all, the dolls look great and I think would be really cool for young women to play with to see that girls really can achieve their dreams and make an impact on the world. They have different body types, they're different races, and show that girls can grow up to be ballerinas, film directors, snowboarders, or work for NASA.

Some of the dolls are out, some are available for pre-sale on the Barbie website. So if you have a girl, or boy, or are a collector, you can add these new dolls to your life.

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