Recent strange sightings of wildlife in the area have caused lots of social media chatter in the Tri-Cities lately.

A cougar was spotted crossing the street on Keene Road in South Richland near Yokes, according to news reports. Cougars do not hibernate and feed all year around so seeing one is not that strange, but that far in the city limits is unusual.

With the weather warming up and people returning to the hiking trails in the area, remember a cougar could be around.

If you run into a cougar, officials say to stand tall, make lots of noise, and DO NOT run away.

Coyotes have also been spotted around residences in the Badger Canyon and Canyon Lakes areas. House cats have turned up missing and people are concerned about their small children.

There have been a few attacks on human children from coyotes, the first in Washington State was in 2003. Two coyotes attacked a small child with their parent near. Officials say the coyotes had unusual aggressive behavior because humans were feeding them.

Just like if you run into a cougar, stand tall, make noise, and do not run. Be intimidating.

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