A man from Connell named Donald S. Sells was arrested for allegedly smuggling over $3 million in meth hidden inside a golf cart.

The total amount found was over 115 pounds of meth and one of the biggest drug busts in Alabama history.

Donald Sells was pulled over on Interstate 10 in Alabama for not having a visible tag on his truck. After the officers sensed something was strange from the way Sells was acting, they searched his trailer and the golf carts he was towing.

That is when police noticed something strange about the golf carts and started investigating. When they inspected the batteries, they noticed they were not the usual weight and found the drugs stashed inside.

Police also found $9,000 in cash and a money counting machine.

Officials think he was smuggling the drugs from Texas to Florida.

Sells 15 year old son was also in the truck and was charged with second-degree possession of marijuana and booked into the Baldwin County Juvenile Detention Center.

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