I took last Wednesday and Monday off from work, and when you add Thanksgiving and the weekend it makes for a nice mini vacation. Spent time with family and friends, and added a trip to Seattle for a Seahawk game.

I would like to thank some folks for a nice little break from work. My family of course, my Dad came down from Kettle Falls and spent Thanksgiving with us. We ate plenty and played close to 500 games of dice(number could be inflated a little) On Friday for the first time, both grand kids spent the nite, because they're mom had to go out and study, good one Lindsey. Had a blast, watched Home Alone a dozen times, that's Conner's new favorite movie. They are both growing up too fast. Saturday got to do something my wife and I enjoy, but don't get to do near enough, spend time with Bill and Gina Dress. Thank you guys for a wonderful dinner and hockey game(go ams) Sunday headed to Seattle with my nephew Camden and his posse. Nate, Red, Chelsea and Zac. Can't tell all of the stories, only to say we had a blast, and row 11 at the Seahawks game was very cool. Thanks for letting an old guy hang with you young bucks. No matter what your job is, no matter how much you love it, take time off and spend it with the people you love. A job will always be there, family won't.

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