Have You Ever Been To The Moore Mansion On The Columbia River In Pasco WA?

If you come across the 395 Blue Bridge into Pasco, no doubt you've seen this amazing mansion that sits along the Columbia River. It's the Moore Mansion.

youtube/moore mansion
youtube/moore mansion

I've always been in awe of this amazing mansion and yes I've had to admire it from afar as I've been to an event at the Moore Mansion...yet.

Did You Know That The Moore Mansion Offers Tours So You Can Go Inside?

But if you like me are curious about what's outside and inside of Pasco's Moore Mansion, I've compiled a few facts about the Tri-Cities' most famous mansion.

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Here are seven facts that might surprise you about the Moore Mansion

  • Moore Mansion was built for a Seattle tycoon’s wife. It was completed in 1908… but she died in 1907 and he sold it to a meat packer in 1914 without ever living there.
  • The property originally stretched 2 miles along the Columbia River and was surrounded by 21000 apple trees and 7000 other fruit trees.
  • Moore Mansion was a speakeasy during Prohibition
  • Before the dams and dikes were built it was flooded twice in 1948 and 1949.
  • It was a nursing home in the 1950s
  • The Blue Bridge and highway running alongside it greatly diminished its real estate value in 1954 and it became an apartment for migrant workers in the 70s and 80s.

And lastly, James Moore, who built the mansion for his wife, had a lot to do with Seattle's Capitol Hill and yes the Moore Theater in Seattle is named after him.

Moore Mansion 1

As you can see, the Moore Mansion has a rich history here in the Tri-Cities and will have a continued legacy for years to come.

Thanks to Faith Martin for her contributions to this article.

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