Nearly 58-hundred people end up in the emergency room every year as a result of falling while hanging Christmas decorations as reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Here's the short list of common accidents that could put a damper on your holidays. See the complete list at the website of NetWorx.

  • (Getty Images Pool)
    (Getty Images Pool)

    Drinking and Driving

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports too much alcohol and driving dramatically increases the number of highway fatalities during the holidays. Extra highway patrols could also land you in jail for a DUI. Talk about a damper for you and the family. Be safe - turn in your keys and designate a driver.

  • (Photo - Getty Images/Bruce Benett)
    (Photo - Getty Images/Bruce Benett)

    Icy Falls

    Watch your step when you walk out the door. Ice can put you on your butt and in the hospital in an instant! Buy some ice melt at your local home improvement store like Ranch & Home.

  • (Photo - Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
    (Photo - Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    Undercooked Turkey - Salmonella!

    Have you watched the movie Bridesmaids? Need I say more? I know first hand the effects of Salmonella. Buy yourself a poultry thermometer and be sure your bird is cooked to the USDA recommend temp of 165-170 degrees.

  • (Hulton Archive - Orlando)
    (Hulton Archive - Orlando)

    Dry Christmas Trees!

    If you sneeze and needles fall off your tree - it's time to remove it or add water. Parched Christmas trees account for over 250 house fires each year, according to the USFA. Probably a good time to test your fire extinguisher - you have one, right?

  • (Hulton Archive - Getty Images)
    (Hulton Archive - Getty Images)


    According to the USFA, candles cause nearly 16-thousand residential fires each year. Be safe and buy fake! My wife picked up three sets of battery powered candles at Costco. These things completely fooled me and they even turn on and off by themselves.

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