I use to live in eastern Montanan During the 60's and 70's ( I was super young so I'm not that old)
Here are a few things I learned.

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    Drinking Water

    I kept seeing water stations (similar looking to a car wash) I was a little shocked to find out many residents have what they call a cistern system. A large underground holding tank for drinking and potable water. I guess digging water lines can be kind of difficult and a well can get very expensive. residents have water trucks make deliveries or they have another tank mounted in the back of their truck and fill up at a watering stations.

    Iaroslav Danylchenko
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    Rest Area

    I was seriously shocked on how nice the rest rooms are!! they have several individual bathrooms which include toilet , urinal and sink.... It's about time someone got smart! hopefully Washington will catch on.

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    Burned Grass

    Remember how I mentioned a cistern water system, Most can't afford to use precious water to tend to their yard. I was surprised on how many beautiful homes have burned up grass....but at least it looks good in the spring!

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    I noticed a lot of people had plastic flowers in pots and various places. Come to find out they do this because the deer eat their flowers! my cousin took us for a drive through neighborhoods and saw several deer wandering around eating everything in site. Locals find them annoying and all around pests.

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    In our neck of the woods people have to travel to Pendelton or legends to get their casino on! not in Montana... They have slots machine casinos around every corner..OMG I was in casino heaven!!