Mail theft is on the rise in Benton County and the Benton County Sheriff's Department have posted 4 easy steps to help secure your mail from thieves.

According to the Sheriff's Office, the thefts are occurring mostly at clusters of mailboxes.

Here us some advice that they posted recently on their Facebook page

They are occurring both day and night all over Benton County. Please report any suspicious activity and if safe to do so, obtain a good description of persons and vehicles involved, including license plates. Also, please do not wait to report suspicious activity and call us immediately to allow us the opportunity to catch the thieves.Often times we receive reports hours or days after the activity is witnessed.

Benton County Sheriff's Department advises to follow these 4 easy steps to prevent mail theft.

1. Collect mail as soon as delivered and don't leave it overnight.
2. Place outgoing mail in the hand of the mail carrier.
3. Have a secure mailbox that locks and is metal.
4. Use a POB at a nearby post office instead of roadside mail service.

It seems mail and package theft are the rise in the County so please aware and vigilant.

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