2020 is the gift that keeps on giving and just when you thought you've heard it all like Murder Hornets and Aliens, make way for the flying snakes!

I've been watching a lot of National Geographic videos lately on YouTube and I came across videos featuring flying snakes --- yes --- legit flying snakes but luckily they won't be coming to the Tri-Cities area anytime soon.

The snakes do "fly" from trees but think of it more like gliding from tree to tree. I still wouldn't want to be anywhere near flying snakes but some folks are fascinated by snakes, my wife I'm sure would love to own one.

The flying snakes are called Chrysopelea Paradisi and they can be found in Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia. There are other varieties that can be found in the Philippine Islands. They aren't native to the United States.

According to Wikipedia - how the snake flies is that it's able to do a J-Loop takeoff and then they shape themselves into a triangle. You can out this cool video below showing them flying.

Virginia Tech has done a new study with 3-D models showing how the snakes seem to "fly" or "glide" through the air. You can check out that study and information here.

I'm just happy as 2020 trolls along that those flying snakes stay in their own area of the world and stay way far away from the Tri-Cities.

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