With a low tonight of 32 even before we hit October, sometimes we forget about the positive things about a cold snap. Here are the top 10 reasons to enjoy it (sorry for farmers):

**You have to mow your lawn less (If you don't have a lawn then shut up, it's a pain in the ass)

**Dog poop is easier to scoop (If you don't have a dog, WTH)

**Hot chocolate or coffee (Don't even)

**Your AC unit gets a rest (is heating cheaper?)

**Seahawks hoodies, jackets and socks (yeah I got 'em)

**Fire pits

**You're not in Montana sitting in snow

**You have warm puppies to couch it with (if not, WTH)

**Your wife's 'Dutch Oven' at bed time is actually comforting

**There's only 9 reasons listed but I'm hoping you're chilled out because I don't need the hassle.






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