In an unlikely collaboration, Blake Shelton is the featured artist on a new track by pop/Latin/rap artist Pitbull, "Get Ready." The tune samples the iconic track "Black Betty"—which has been covered by a number of artists including Ram Jam and Tom Jones—and the overall arrangement features a mixture of pop, country and Latin influences.

"Pa arriba / We're here for a long time (Blake Shelton) / We're here for a good time / Pa abajo / We're here for a long time (its cowboy Casanova) / We're here for a good time / Al centro / We're here for a long time / We're here for a good time / Pa dentro," Pitbull and Shelton rap and sing in the chorus. (The Spanish words refer to a popular toast given when drinking alcoholic beverages.)

The new collaboration has been a long time coming for the odd pair. "I got real close to doing a song with Pitbull one time," Shelton told Ryan Seacrest in 2005. His reasoning behind the decision not to collaborate then was for fear of backlash from his fans.

"There’s just something about me being, like, a middle America country artist saying the word 'motherf--ker over and over again. It was like, 'Man, I just don’t know if that’s going to go over with my soccer moms.' So I opted not to, but I was honored."

"Get Ready" is off of Pitbull's new album, Libertad 458. The album is dedicated to the 458 people his father helped escape from Cuba in Mariel Boatlift in 1980. The Mariel Boatlift was a mass emigration of Cuban citizens from Cuba's Mariel Harbor to the United States.

This isn't Pitbull's first time working with country music artists. Pitbull collaborated with Keith Urban on "Sun Don't Let Me Down," along with Jerrod Niemann on the official remix to "Drink to That All Night."

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