For years we have all heard about men giving terrible Christmas presents to our women. Guess what? Men receive terrible Presents too! According to The Manly Manual gifts should fall into one of three categories! Tools, Car or Fun. If the gift fails to do so, It’s going on the yard sale table within two years. (unless it is specifically requested) Here is an example of gift's I did not care for!

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    Soap On a Rope

    Let's face it, prison has ruined this gift! no man will ever admit to owning one! don't do it
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    Really! Are you calling me Bald?

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    Grooming kits

    Are you telling me I'm a slob? OMG you think I'm ugly!

    grooming lounge
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    Garden Gnome

    Every time I see a garden gnome I think of Chucky and His Elf girlfriend had offspring ((shiver))

    photo by mararie
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    Chia Pet

    A Chia Pet!!! ummmmm are you calling me bald?