I went on a four and a half hour tour of Hanford on Wednesday. I'm now an expert on radiation, Cold War history and Tri-Cities economic history. Just call up and ask me anything.
Uh, just kidding!
Actually, if I did tell you what I saw, I'd have to kill you.
Or they might kill me... I might have heard wrong.
Either way, they wouldn't let me take pictures, so this image of my badge is all I have as a souvenir. Notice it expired at the end of that day! They take security pretty seriously out there.
And it's OUT THERE. I never realized how far it was!
I parked at the bus lot off Vantage Highway and they escorted the media to a room where we watched a documentary. It was very informative, but could use a little History Channel/Discovery Channel glamour.
Then we visited the site. We started at a giant storage tank where we learned how in the 1940s they dumped nuclear waste water into temporary tanks planning to come back to them later once the war was over. 70 years later they're still there!
The plan is to move the water into double-shell tanks, and I feel good about that.
B Reactor was cool, but I was done in about five minutes.
I don't normally study the engineering of Plutonium in my spare time.
I'm really glad I went and it was an awesome use of an afternoon. I highly recommend you go some time.