You' may have heard about the new awesome movie Approaching Midnight.

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"An intriguing crime drama that is packed with action, mystery and suspense...this is one film not to miss!"-Video Views

US Army Staff Sergeant Wesley Kent returns from war abroad and must now fight the threat of corruption and deception in his hometown at all personal costs.

Approaching Midnight is a gripping action-crime drama that follows a young Army staff sergeant's return to his small town after serving in Afghanistan. Coping with burying his best friend from the war (Brandin TJackson) he must now endure the news of the death of his girlfriend Aspen (Jana Kramer) who passed away in a car accident while he was away. Seeking information about her accident, his unanswered questions grow as he begins to uncover a web of mysterious circumstances, possible corruption and greed that may lead all the way to Aspen's father, the town's Mayor and his run for Governor.

ABC Morning News about Veterans Charity Premiere of film.