OK, so I wrote sometime ago about the dress I was considering purchasing for my son's wedding in July. I hate to shop, so I found one online that I thought was pretty.

I ordered the dress and even had it custom tailored to fit me perfectly.

It came yesterday and I about died laughing! It looks hideous! I mean, it's well made, but nothing like what I thought it should look like. Or is it just me that looks ugly in the dress? Of course, I just woke up, and took this video to show you, so naturally I look a mess and have no make up on, etc. But I'm trying to just give you an idea of the dress. Do they even look the same? It's all shiny and stuff! Just NOT what the dress is supposed to look like! But, it's textured quite different then I thought and it's BIG and just NOT what I expected. They obviously did NOT tailor it to specs I sent.

So, what should I do? No returns on custom sizes. I could stop payment on my credit card, or should I pay to have more tailoring done and try to wear it? Or is it just UGLY?

I'm thinking it's just UGLY! LOL!