I traveled to Walla Walla last night to see the Gypsy Allstars peform!  I'm a HUGE fan of the Gypsy Kings! And apparently one of the members of this group is the son of one of the Gypsy Kings.

They performed at the Waterbrook Winery. (which by the way was a really nice place)

The group was made up of eight men from all over the world. They mainly played songs of the Gypsy Kings which I loved!

The sound company running sound was having some issues, and every time I would try to video, one of the mics would be cut or some feedback would happen...and the video turned out horrible. But, I have to say the guys in the band handled it so graciously.

They seemed to laugh it off, and just continued to perform their best! As a musician myself, I understand how aggravating that must of been! So, I had the utmost appreciation for how well they did in spite of all that!

There was even a Flamenco dancer that came out and danced Flamenco so incredibly well it was simply amazing! Not to mention some women in the crowd that were amazing dancers that were also very entertaining!

The vibe was fun there, and I liked how you can choose your snacks like flat bread, hummus, olives, cheese etc, and they make up a plate for you for appetizers. They also had a taco bar. And the Merlot wine I ordered was simply fantastic!!

I very much enjoyed myself! I'm going to include a short clip part of one of my favorite Gypsy Kings Songs that they performed last night. And maybe some of the other short clips so you can get a bit of a taste. Maybe I'll post some full length video tomorrow from my Vid Cam.

I hope they come back sometime again soon! I thought they were fantastic!