The Wall Street Journal wrote an article giving 8 tips on becoming an online celebrity.

  • 1

    Followers Isn't Enough, They Need to Be Active Followers

    Your fans need to be social on social media, sharing, re-tweeting and talking about you


    My fans listen to me on the radio, laugh at my jokes on Facebook, and come say hi to me at the fair. This one is definitely true.

  • 2

    Personality is key, presenting information isn't enough

    People can't "connect" with information


    I have tons of personality, oozing personality, and other than the weather I'm not sure what information I communicate. Personality IS key.

  • 3

    Make quality Youtube videos

    They're easy to share and easy to advertise with


    make some Youtube videos!

  • 4


    Sink or swim


    The Wall Street Journal says if you're not being successful, try something else. Really? Wow, you can only get golden advice like that from real experts. What a stupid tip. I'm not disagreeing with it, I'm just calling it stupid. You want MY advice? Be awesome the first time, then you don't need to adapt.

  • 5

    Find multiple revenue sources


    Revenue huh? Yeah, I uh, don't really do it for the money. I do it for fun!

  • 6

    Go find advertisers



  • 7

    Don't make your audience mad by making advertisers happy



  • 8

    Be professional