The Sculpture park was which began construction in 2006 is situated on the  ocean floor in the barren Molinere Bay. An ingenious way to save the Reef

It now acts as an aid to relieve pressure on natural reefs which have become popular among water sports enthusiasts, particularly in near-by Flamingo Bay which is the most visited snorkelling destination on the island. There are over sixty-five concrete individual sculptures covering an area of over 800 square meters and in total weigh around 15 tonnes in dry cement. The sculpture park is easily accessible via boat from the main port of St Georges (2 miles/3 km North of the capital) or Grand Anse Bay on the West coastline. The sculptures are situated in a variety of depths of water with a maximum of 12 meters, and the park is visited daily by scuba divers, snorkelers and glass bottom boats. Recently a local artist on the island has added new works to the sculpture park.

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