I have finally been making some headway with my Rhodesian Ridgeback pup!

I swear you guys, I felt like giving up! And I'm not a quitter! I don't usually give up ever on pets, but I've been exhausted, sleepless and at my wits end with this dog!

He is 7 months old and is into EVERYTHING! All my drawers, cabinets, counters, closets etc!

He chews everything!

My life is so busy, but I've raised lots of dogs! I expected him to fall in line like all the others and wise up and start being a great companion -- and it just was NOT happening!

So then I finally decided that I was going to have to either re-commit or give him up.

I decided to get focused.

Here's the funny part: I started training him like I do my horses!

And he has really changed his behavior. I suppose that shouldn't surprise me. But, it sort of did. I immediately saw a difference in his attitude and behavior.

So here's my tip for  training animals of any kind!

  • Be CLEAR 100 percent of the time about what is acceptable and what is not.
  • If you give an inch they'll take a mile! So never let them invade your boundaries and be clear about what is okay and what is not.
  • Reward IMMEDIATELY and ABUNDANTLY for good behavior!
  • The other key thing I figured out that is just like with horses is a dog needs a job, a responsibility -- especially an active-minded dog! You've got to keep him thinking, working and having a purpose!

I'm finally getting some peace at my house! Ridgebacks are smart, active dogs so I also have been running with him everyday, too!

And, I found some good ways to make play toys to keep him occupied outside while I'm at work. I'm happy to share the info with you if you'd like. Contact me anytime!