8 Things Your Kid's Principal Probably Won't Tell You

"Readers Digest" interviewed a bunch of principals to find out 8 things that parents SHOULD know!

  1. Kids lie - even the good ones. Straight-A students are actually more likely to lie to their parents when they make a mistake. They don't want their parents to know that they are not perfect.
  2. Teachers and school faculty know more about your personal life than you think. Kids talk a LOT. One principal interviewed confessed to knowing to much ... including money issues and big fights.
  3. If you have a problem, talk to the teacher first. Don't go straight to the principal to complain. Talk to the teacher first.
  4. Some teachers suck, the principal knows this. Even if he is planning to fire them, he can't say anything to you about it for legal reasons.
  5. Bullies aren't usually expelled. Every student has a right to an education. Bullies will be suspended over and over again.... but it is hard to expel a kid.
  6. Kids aren't as tough as the parents. Faculty members find that kids are easier to deal with than their parents! Parents who constantly try to solve their kids problems for them make life difficult for everyone.
  7. If you do need to talk to the principal, make an appointment. Principals hate it when parents try to have a "quick" conversation about their kid during a school play or a sporting event.
  8. The smartest kids aren't necessarily the teacher's "favorites". Most teachers value hard work more than they value some one's IQ.