William and Howard Amon moved to Richland in the 1890s. They were keen entrepreneurs. Howard made a killing on land speculation and donated some lots to the city, one of which became Howard Amon Park. The name for Richland was chosen by lottery. The winner of the lottery, a member of the Rosencrance family (the first to introduce irrigation to the Mid Columbia), chose Benton. But just prior Benton City had registered ITS name and the postal service demanded a name change when it was realized six months later. Richland was chosen as an afterthought -- ahhh, poor Mrs. Rosencrance.

Howard Amon later moved up to Seattle to rent automobiles to people heading to the Yukon Gold Rush!

This information and the historic photo was courtesy of CREHST, which is now closed awaiting its merger with the Hanford Reach Interpretive Center (expected to open this July!)