I must say, the mosquito abatement professionals in the Tri-Cities area have done a FANTASTIC job! I don't think I've even seen a mosquito this summer! If you live outside the Tri-Cities, and you're having trouble with mosquitoes (be wary of West Nile Virus!), try one of these three traps. Or, if you've used them before, take our poll to say which works best:

No. 1 Fans

Find really large, wide fans and use magnets to attach a fine screen (like for a screen door or maybe air filter material) to the in-take end of the fans. Leave them on overnight and let mosquitoes flying by get stuck in the in-take side. In the morning. spray the screen with isopropyl alcohol mixed with water (50/50). The alcohol kills the bugs and then evaporates -- totally nontoxic. This means you can then feed the bugs to a pet lizard if you'd like. Doing this every night of the summer will have the same results as one or two bats. You'd think this would require a lot of electricity, but fans have extremely efficient motors.

No. 2 Bottle Trap

Cut an empty two-liter bottle in half, invert the opening and set it facing down, type the two halves together like this. Boil a half cup of brown sugar (raw as possible) into half cup of water until syrup is created. Allow syrup to cool. Pour into bottle. Sprinkle about a tablespoon of dry yeast (like for baking) on top. The yeast will release carbon dioxide that attracts mosquitos, which will crawl into the opening and get trapped.

3. Bats

Purchase bat houses and post them around your home in areas where bats will feel privacy, but close enough that the bugs they eat will be the ones around your house. If the bats don't take to your house, go online and purchase bat poop (yeah, I'm serious), then spread it around the bat houses to attract them. Bats will eat more mosquitoes than you could ever hope to zap or trap.